About  LAVA

Summer of 1997.

A Hawaii based group of endurance athletes began developing and testing LAVA's first sports hydration/nutrition delivery systems and nutritional supplements for endurance sports.

With decades of athlete research behind each product customers are assured functional nutrition with pure, safe ingredients that actually work.


Starting in 1997 LAVA introduced the first Hydration & Energy Gel Delivery Systems to the world.  LAVA Belts and Flasks are now duplicated by many in the ever growing hydration belt marketplace. 


With the need for athletes to maintain proper hydration electrolyte balance in the body, the turn of the century (2000) LAVA Salts activated electrolytes launched onto the supplement market.Today LAVA Salts are consumed by thousands of athletes for training and competition.


2001 The Worlds first electrolyte enriched energy gel is brought to market. LAVA Gels refreshingly light, easy to consume texture is not too sweet, contains only complex carbohydrates and is easy on the stomach during intense efforts. LAVA's delicious formula and palatable flavors contain no simple sugars.




Back in the days...


Kelmer Beck "Kelly"

Operations Manager

Founder & President, Lava Sports Nutrition

Designed by athletes, made for athletes.

15 time Ironman Triathlon Finisher  Hawaii, Germany, Austrailia, Japan

4 Time Dick Evans Circle Island Champion Oahu

3 Time Cycle to the Sun Champion Haleakala MAUI

3 Time Hawaii State Cycling Champion


California native, Kelly ventured to Hawaii in 1982 for a surfing adventure, After watching the October 82 Ironman in Kailua Kona, A surfboard was traded for a bicycle, the above accomplishments were the result of this action, A decade and a half later Lava Nutrition flowed onto the multisport marketplace..  Since 1997 Lava products have covered the globe nurishing thgousands of athletes with LAVA Energy Gel and LAVA Salts electrolyte supplements.  




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Sports Expo's:

- Honolulu

- San Diego

- Las Vegas

- Boston

- Phoenix

- Florida

- Tennesee

- Los Angeles

- San Francsisco

- Folsom

- Santa Rosa


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Founding the company

You can find LAVA products throughout the USA, Canada and Australia stocked in select running, cycling, health food authorized resellers.  

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Mountain Man Triathlon 1997