LAVA Energy  Gel


What makes LAVA GEL different than other energy gels?

Without giving away secrets about our formula. We can reveal that LAVA GEL has no simple sugars that can cause stomach upset and blood sugar crashes.  Most athletes have some type of consumption, assimilation or intestinal trouble from energy gels. LAVA Gel will not cause these symptoms as our propriety formula is soaked up by your body almost as quickly as water.  Even after your race or hard training you can continue to consume LAVA GEL as your recover fuel source.  



Should I try LAVA Gel before using it in competition?

Yes. Ideally, you should try Lava Gel before using it in a race or game. Since everyone expends energy at different rates, you’ll want to see how far Lava Gel will take you when you need it most. However, LAVA GEL is so palatable and refreshingly delicious your body will crave this natural fuel source without stomach or intestinal discomfort.   Professional Ironman Athletes used LAVA GEL after only one taste in the 2002 Hawaii IRONMAN, These athletes not only set personal records, they took home a large portion of the prize money, It looks like LAVA Gel worked for them. 



Who should use LAVA Gel?

 Endurance athletes who need fast energy during training and competition, and those who want an edge to help them better their performance. 



When should I use LAVA Gel?

Lava Gel is designed to be used during intense exercise. With its convenient  Bulk package and 100 calories of carbohydrates per serving, Lava Gel is an ideal source for immediate energy during intense athletic activity.



How do I use LAVA Gel?

Just open the top and squeeze a mouthful for energy on the go. Lava Gel is convenient energy that gives you a natural power surge without breaking your stride. We recommend you drink 6-12oz. of water with each serving to aid in absorption, help maintain hydration and help you get the blast of energy you need to keep going.



How long will the LAVA Gel stay fresh?

The LAVA Gel formula is designed to stay fresh for months after opening, We recommend you keep your Jug in the fridge for extended storage.  Lava Gel packets are designed to stay fresh in a cool dark place for up to 2 years.  









LAVA Salts


What makes LAVA Salts different than other Electrolyte Supplements?

Lava Salts is the original electrolyte supplement brought to market in 1999 to meet the demands of Triathletes and endurance atheltes faced with limited mineral supplementation. This unique formulaion contains the essential el;ectrolytes and buffereing compounds that work in synergy with the bodys kreb cyle in the production of energy during extreem efforts.  Other supplements have had to redesign there formulation to meet the requirements of todays enedurance atheltes. Lava Salts is leading the pack with a smaller easy to consume capsule and a buffering system that is a favorite with both Pro's and Amatures, In Triathlon, Marathon Running. 



Should I try LAVA Salts before using it in competition?

We recomend you always test the water before you dive in.  Weather you are trying out a new set of race wheels or a nutrtional advantage. We strongly suggest you use Lava Salts in your training and recovey to allow biological adaptation to the minerals and buffers manufacturted in Lava Salts.  Familiarizing your body with the absorbtion of our formulation before racing is strongly advised.  



Who should use LAVA Salts?

Athletes who sweat, Those looking to go faster and farther with less precieved effort.  One that suffers from muscle cramps in long training and competition. Those who suffer from easy dehydratrion, lactic acid build up and the effects associated with heat prostration. 



When should I use LAVA Salts?

During training and competition, after hard training and competition to aid in recovery.   LAVA Salts loading prior to event.with sufficient water. . 4 caps per day 2 days prior to competition.



How do I use LAVA Salts?

Every person produces energy the same way. However, everyone is different and unique.Weight, Height, Age, and even Gender play a role in your electrolyte requirements. Consume one -two capsules every hour to keep your blood plasma levels of electorlytes stable during extreem efforts.  



How long will the LAVA Salts stay fresh?

WIth long term shelf life studys in constant progress, LAVA Salts have a best buy date of 2 years from the manufacturing date.  If your LAVA Salts turn yellow this is a sign of oxidation from age or excesive light/heat.  We reccomend you discard if these signs develop with the capsules. If this occurs before the best buy date we will replace your product at no charge.

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