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Recommended use

For best resustls consume 1=2 ounces from the flask 30 minutes before sport with 8-12 oz of water, During sports one ounce ever 20-30 minutes to maintain energy. After sports one to 2 ounces to promote recovery and balance electrolytes. Always consume H2o after a shot of Lava Gel to ensure proper absorbtion


Ingredients: Complex Carbohydrates, (Blended Maltodextrins), Water, Natural Flavors, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (as preservative).   


no stomache upset

thinner formula

increase endurance

no sugar crash

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Lava Gel's 100% natural energizing nutrients are a proprietary blend of essential electrolytes and complex carbohydrates with medium and low DE levels. (Dextrose Equivalent). Our SUPER CARBS, are friendly carbohydrates which increased energy, improve endurance and speed recovery. This secret formula is diabetic safe. The other energy gels with the higher DE carbohydrates can cause stomach upset and insulin reactions that inhibit athletic performance. Lava 's formulation maintains stable consistent energy for all endurance activities. Not too sweet, easy to consume and extremely easy on the stomach, Lava supplies your body with the long term stable energy that's crucial for endurance sports.

Designed for Sports by Athletes, Lava's premium ingredients and electrolyte enriched gourmet formula is a favorite with endurance athletes throughout the World.


Experts from LAVA Sports Inc. combined pure natural ingredients from our planet in formulating the nirvana of energy gels. LAVA GEL quenches and nourishes muscular metabolism from a proprietary blend of complex carbohydrates infused with essential electrolytes.  Research shows electrolytes are important in fluid regulation and neuromuscular function.  LAVA GEL’S tasty natural flavors are bursting with increased complex carbohydrates and electrolytes.

LAVA GEL’S refreshingly light, easy to consume formula is not too sweet, easy to digest and contains no glucose, sucrose or fructose.  LAVA GEL flows through your system without fillers, additives or confusing unproven ingredients.

 LAVA GEL is exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.  Feel the sustained erupting energy from this delicious sports nutrition formulated by athletes for athletes.  


Makes A Big Difference

Leigh Anne Cox / AUG.25 2004

I'd like to thank Lava Sports for helping me to qualify for the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships.

After trial and error I have found that Lava gel and Lava salts are the easiest products for my body to absorb while racing triathlons, especially the longer distance races.

I used a belt and flask system for carrying my own preferred gel (peach Lava gel) and Lava salts on the marathon portion of the Coeur D' Alene Ironman in 2004. I had a very good run as my stomach was never upset and I was able to digest those essential calories and electrolytes.

I have also started to use Lava gel and Lava salt on a consistent basis during those longer training days. It makes a big difference in the quality of my workout when I am properly fueled and hydrated.

Looking forward to Hawaii.



Leigh Anne Cox


“ Feeling in control again! ”

Mark Smoothy / Ironman Race #1413

Hi Kel

My Name is (Sharky) Mark Smoothy: My friends call me Sharky, I met you in Hawaii during the Ironman week in Kona.

You were kind enough to supply my friend and I with a LAVA BELT and some flasks of your new LAVA GEL to fuel us through the Ironman, I tried your product on race day and absolutely loved it.


I normally hate energy gels, but your product was a nice surprise as is it did not make me feel sick at all. Also Hawaii was my 15th Ironman and I don't know if your gel is responsible for this, but for the first time in 15 Ironmans I didn't suffer from cramps. Consuming your LAVA GEL and the LAVA SALTS capsules were the only two things I did different on that day from my past 14 Ironmans.

My results at Hawaii are very ordinary to say the least. I finished in 12 hours and 40 minute. I did a very silly thing and competed while being sick with a flu, (Just plain bad timing) But there was no way I was leaving Hawaii without my finishers medal!

I would like to share a story about how good I think your LAVA GEL is.

I live in Japan , I am a very competitive Short course athlete, I was invited back to a Triathlon in Japan in that I won the previous year. The problem with this race was it was only on week after the Hawaii Ironman, I had two flasks of your gel with me. I came out of the water in this short course race with the leaders, finished the bike 2nd and placed 3rd overall. Yes I didn't win, but I didn't think I would even finish let alone crack the top 3 overall. Every time I started to fall in a hole during the race I would consume a mouthful of your gel and within a few minutes I was feeling in control again. Thank you for finally bringing nutrition products to the Tri market that really work.


Mark Smoothy

“ Unbelievable sustained energy.”

Scott Wasserman, M.D. / Triathlete Arizona / DEC.30 2002

Hi Kel, Just wanted to drop you a line about my experience with Lava Gel. Went for an 80 miler yesterday with nothing but one flask of Mango LG. Blown away does not describe how impressed I was. After saying goodbye to the original Squeezy formula in the mid '90's I have been uniformly disappointed with all the other gels on the market. Either they lacked a sustained energy boost or they tasted like crap. LG gave me unbelievable sustained energy and was so mild tasting I continued to eat it after the ride (a first!). Congratulations on creating a much needed product. It's about time somebody did! Thank you. Scott Wasserman

Jim Heisler / FEB.25 2003

“It wonders! ”

The LAVA Gel works wonders, just this last Sunday I did my fastest 17 mile training run ever!!!! I am absolutely sure by using LAVA Gel during the run had something to do with it. Can not wait to use it during the ITU Long Course Championships in Ibiza Spain this May 2003!!! Thanx again and I WILL BE ORDERING MORE LAVA Gel soon!!! Regards, Jim Heisler

“ Pulled me into the finish line. ”

Ironman World Championship 2002
William Hartigan, Oak Brook, IL / Jan.12 2003

I was racing in Kona in October and received a sample flask of your Lava gel. During the run portion of the race all my energy bars fell out of my jersey. When I hit the the natural energy lab I began to fall apart. Without any fuel I was dehydrated, cramping and light headed. At the last minute before the race I threw your sample of Lava gel in my special needs bag. (I did not want to use it during the race because I never trained with it before). When I hit the special needs bag around mile 19, I was a mess. The only thing in my bag to eat was your Lava gel. It worked GREAT! By mile 21 I came back to life. Your Lava gel pulled me into the finish line. When is it going to become available? Bill Hartigan

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