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100% Natural!


- Electrolyte rich

- Low sodium

- Increased potassium and

   trace minerals

LAVA Sea   Salt

"Shhhh" Secret recipies

Eggs: Add a pinch to your scrambbled eggs along with a half a eggshell of water for fluffy and tasty scrabbled eggs.

Salads: sprinkle on top of your vegetable medley to enhance flavor and increase mineral intake.

Chicken: two tea spoons mixed with two table spoons of water poor over chicken and soke for 30 minutes. fry or bake as ususal for yummy, tasty chicken.

Nuts and Fruits: sprinkle over to increase flavors.

Vegtables: add to your favorite veggies plate to improve your healthy lifestyle.

Grains:add to  rice, oats, etc. enhances flavor and increases electrolyte intake.

Pasta: Add 1/2 teaspoon to boiling water before pasta. 

Soup: add to soups for better flavor.

Sweet and Savory: sprinkle over these yum foods as a tasty treat.
Cocktails:rim your glasses with LAVA Sea Salt, Spinkle over ice cubes.

Coffee: Add a pinch to smooth out your bitter cup of Joe or Teas.

Oral Health: Rinse your mouth with warm sea salt water for gum health and to fight bacteria. 

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"Spice Up Your Athletes Kitchen"

LAVA SEA SALT. Mineral Supplement

A must for the Athletes kitchen. Improve your mineral consumtion with this unique low sodium high potassium premium deep sea salt . Harvest from the waters 2500 ft deep right off Kona's Otech Coastline.  This ultra pure sea water has been "isolated" from all surface contamination and pollution for more than 1,000 years.

Because its haversted from extremely deep sea water LAVA Sea Salt 2000 contains less sodium and more potassium then other salt, as well as higher concentrations of trace minerals.

(non iodized) 100% Natural


Prepare your recovery and pre race meals with Lava Sea Salt.  Sun dried in Hawaiian sun. This Kona DNA infused mineral supplement is a good fit for kitchen conscience athletes .


Note, all LAVA Gel flavors are now infused with Lava Sea Salt.  




Lava Sea Salt can be consumed before and after extreme endurance sports activity to imrpove energy production and aid recovery.

LAVA Sea   Salt

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